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    new facebook messages [OVERVIEW]

    The new facebook messages have begun trickling out to users. We have everything we expected. You get a custom email address and can send messages to anyone with an email account. Check out the video for a full overview.

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    Flash Comes One Step Closer To The iPhone

    In the latest update to Adobe Flash Player, Adobe has added along with a few other teaks “Support for multi-touch and gesture-enabled content. What comes to mind with multi-touch…? Ah the iPhone! Oh and Android. One big problem with flash content on mobile devices has always been...

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    iOS 4 on older Hardware (iPhone 3G, iPodTouch 2G, 3G-8gb)

    I currently own a 8gb iPodTouch 3g which does not fully support all the features. So i booted up synced up and started up my iPod, expecting my wallpaper ( a very minor feature ) new folders, the new safari integration... But i was left very unsatisfied.

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