Portable Apps – How To Take Your Programs With You

Maybe you move around internet cafes allot and you want your own programs with you. Or maybe the company you work for does not let you install your own software and your stuck on IE6. This program will allow you to take with you any open source software in their library and run it on you USB that you can plug and run in any computer.

How do i get it?

Head over to PortableApps.com and click on the “Download Now” button. There you will find three suits that give you different software. (All you really need is the platform) Click on the suit you want and you will be redirected to Open Source software hosting site SourceForge.net.

Now just click and run the program. Choose your language. Hit OK and now select your USB storage device and hit install. When its done you can launch it and it will open up in your taskbar.

And now to install software:

Head back over to PortableApps.com and click on applications. You will see plenty of Open Source and freeware programs that can be downloaded, even some very large programs such as blender which is an advanced 3D creation software.

When you have found what you want just click on it and downloaded it. You will once again be redirected to SourceForge.net and just run the file when it has finished. Make sure you have it pointing to your USB you have installed portable apps on.

And your done. You now have your programs on your usb! Enjoy and share this post. Don’t forget Sharing is Caring