iOS 4 on older Hardware (iPhone 3G, iPodTouch 2G, 3G-8gb)

As of Monday, June 21st 2010[blippr] Apple[/blippr] released their 4th version of the iPhone Software renamed as “iOS”. iOS4 brings multitasking, background wallpapers, a unified inbox, new settings and a few more new features. Not all the iDevices get this full upgrade though. Only the [blippr]iPhone[/blippr] 3GS and 16-32gb iPod3G get all the features, like multitasking and all the good stuff.

I currently own a 8gb [blippr]iPod[/blippr]Touch 3g which does not fully support all the features. So i booted up synced up and started up my iPod, expecting my wallpaper ( a very minor feature ) new folders, the new safari integration… But i was left very dissatisfied. All Apple is giving us is an ad filled OS. The only feature we get for older hardware that worked well is the iAds platform. On older hardware, we don’t get wallpaper, multitasking and “descent” folders. All of which i could do very well on the same device while it was jail broken. Why the evil doers at Apple can’t give me a wallpaper and folders that work well, i don’t know. You’re probably wondering why i think the folders are so bad. Well it’s because while everyone was in oar when Steve Jobs showed them off on the iOS4 demo a few months ago he skipped over the fact that you can only have 12 icons in one folder! Thats right, less than a page of apps is a single folder. I cant even scroll through them like i could on the popular Categories app available through Cydia on a Jail Broken iPod and iPhone.

In conclusion, if your currently on older unsupported hardware, don’t upgrade. Stay with your jailbreak and be happy. I know what my next phone will be

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