How I Create My YouTube Videos

I try to create the highest quality videos i can for my audience and so i use Camtasia Studio by TechSmith. Camtasia is aimed towards the screen-cast professional, which is where its price tag of $299 comes in.  It is not the kind of software you would buy not to use. But if you are serious about your recording needs then Camtasia Studio is perfect for you (and me).

There are plenty of other great applications that can capture your screen very well, such as BB FlashBack which many YouTube screen-casters use. There are also some good gaming recorders like Fraps which captures games in the highest frame rate possible without slowing down your system too much like Camtasia Studio or BB FlashBack. For you mac guys out their, ScreenFlow is for you. It offers a lot of cool features and customization, but i still recommend  Camtasia:mac which I reviewed. And finally for all you guys who just want a simple easy to use recorder with no fuss that is completely free, theres CamStudio.

As for my background music i get most of it from ClearBits (aka: ). But if you have your own music you would like to hear in the background of my videos don’t hesitate to drop me a line at

Camtasia Studio is extremely powerful and I go over most of my edits and features I use about half way through the video bellow.