Forums 101: Being a First Class Forum User

Forums are a great way to find answers to problems, debate different issues and topics, interact and help out other in need and just have a discussion. But when forums aren’t used correctly people coming in from search engines or daily users get a little cranky (my self included). So as a way to help you or someone you know a better forum user i have made this list of 5 ways to become a first class forum user. Feel free to refer all the people you believe are not using forums correctly

1. People can get very agitated when they can’t find what their looking for, and when they see that you have posted a thread in a forum and come back later to say its ok now and you fixed it without posting how you did it.  So to combat this, post in enough detail how you fixed the problem.  Heck if you have a blog make a full length blog post and link of to it! but do NOT spam.

2. Don’t keep repeating the question! Ok we get it you have the same problem. But they are people who just want to find an answer. if you don’t know how to fix it refrain from posting at all.

3.  Found the answer? Help others out by posting to unanswered forum threads a link to where you found a good explanation/fix/answer etc.

4. Don’t troll. Ok you’re looking for some sort of  cheat for a video game, one of the posters has mentioned how to do this on his PS3 and you go ahead and leave a reply “Ha! ps3 sucks! fa!g” . Well that’s not nice is it? How would you like it if someone punched you in the face?. Forums are supposed to be a nice clean environment and if it was my forum you were trolling on I’d have you banned, and so would many others.

5. Last but most certainty not least, don’t double post! At least do a search! How hard can it be? Do your research before you post, please. But if you come across a double post, don’t start trolling on the thread. Saying that it has already been answered. The question might be slightly different.

And that’s the top 5 top tips.