Mac OS X on your pc – step by step hack

Being a geeky person you probably would like to install and run Apple mac Os X on your Microsoft Windows machine.  In this hack i will show you exactly how to do this step by step. I will also show you how to dual-boot the two Operating Systems so that you can boot up into which ever one you want at that time.

/!\ WARNING /!\
This may mess up your computer so it is advised you back up all your data. It is also advised you know what you are doing and you are an experienced geek.

DO NOT make any apple os x updates it will delete your patches and drivers.


What you will need:

Ubuntu: This is to partition your hard drive if you want to dual-boot (this is optional)
Download Ubuntu

iDeneb: This is the actual base system you need to install the correct Apple Mac components.
Download iDeneb

Getting Started
Partitioning the Hard Drive

Step 1:

Burn iDeneb and Ubuntu to a 700MB CD (do not burn ubuntu if you do not want to dual-boot)

Step 2:

Insert the Ubuntu disc into your computer and boot up into the live CD

Step 3:

Once you have booted up into Ubuntu go to “System” in the system bar on the top, go down to “Administration” and go to “GParted”. This will now show you all the drives on your system. You must now re size your Windows by clicking on it and going up to where the orange re size button is located. Click to re size and give your Mac partition some space to run. Now click on the new “Unallocated” gray space it has created and click on the new partition icon (The one that looks like a piece of paper). Label the partition anything you want and click Add. Hit the green tick in the top to apply changes and then apply again when the dialogue pops up.

Now wait…

Step 4:

Now that you have completed the above steps shut down your system

Installing Mac Os X

Step 1:

Insert and boot up into the disk. (You may need to go into your BIOS and change your boot order) Wait for the software to load. (this may not work on all systems, i have tried it on a few older machines which did not work) Optional: you can type in “-v” for error reporting.

Step 2:

Once it has all loaded you should see the installation screen. Click next and it will prepare the installation. Click continue again. I suggest reading the warnings on the page that drops down. Then click accept.

Step 3:

You should now see a “Select Destination” screen with no destination. Now go up into the “mac bar” and click “Utilities” and then “Disk Utility…” When it loads up select the partition you created in ubuntu. (if you did not create a partition in Ubuntu select your main OS partition) When you have selected it click on the “erase” tab, change the volume format to “Mac OS Extended”, name it and click erase in the lower right. When that has finished close the window.

Step 4:

Select your new partition you have created in the “Select Destination” screen and click continue. NOW WAIT DON’T GO ANY FURTHER. Before you click install click on “customize”. You should now select all the appropriate drivers and patches that match your system. DO NOT click more than one patch or driver of the same type. I recommend going out and buying a USB to analog out USB driver because it is most likely your audio driver will not be supported. Once you have found them click on “Done”.

You can now click install and skip the verification that pops up.

Step 5:

Reboot your system. You will then (if it all went right) see the Apple Mac Os X welcome video. You can now input all your info and continue.

Step 6:

Welcome to the world of Apple. You are now running Apple Macintosh Os X! Congratulations. Enjoy the great world of Apple. Thanks for reading and recommend your friends. and remember “Sharing is caring” and “Mac rocks”