– A new way to see the news

So fed up of that boring Google news page? Well is something to look into. What presents the news feeded in from Google in a much more visually appealing way. You can select from one or more of the given categories that are given at the bottom of the page such as Technology and Sports. It is all color coded by recency, so lighter colors are newer news that was posted within 10 minuets darker are more than 10 minuets ago and the darkest is more than 1 hour ago. Then at the top of the page you can select one or more countries that you would like to see news from.

If you then decide to sign up for newsmap, you get extra features such as the ability to change your font, change what categories and countries load when you are logged in etc. You can also select what counties not to display at all. was developed by Marumushi and is powered by Google News Thanks for reading and don’t forget that “Sharing is caring”.