Free Web Based Screen Recorder: Screenr and ScreenJelly

Have you ever been in the situation where your friend needed your help with a PC related problem and you really needed to show him your screen so that he could understand what he has to do, but you couldn’t because you didn’t have a screen recorder and it takes to long to send a video file. So what are you going to do? Well i have found two perfect services for this situation that will really come in handy next time.

The services are called Screenr and ScreenJelly (or And what they are created to do is to be a very quick easy and fast way to get your screen cast out. The bonus is that because they are both web apps and live in the cloud its cross platform! Mac or PC, not sure about Linux. They both do basically the same thing which is record your screen and host your video. Screenr offers a few extra features  like  iphone/ipod and iPad capable player so it can be seen on virtually any device. SreenJelly on the other hand has a more private approach with the option to make videos private, and also has 2 extra sign up options, facebook and a screenjelly account.

They both use Java , and are pretty fast at uploading your video to their services. If you are not happy with your recording you can delete it or continue on and Tweet it. And once you have your account activated and start creating videos they will all appear on your Screenr or ScreenJelly profile. After upload Screenr allows you to then download the .mp4 or even publish it straight to YouTube.

So if ever need an instant screen recorder those are your number one (and two) options. I recommend Screenr because of the extra features and nicer look and ScreenJelly for its privacy. Thanks for reading and remember “sharing is caring”