Free, legal, fast, reliable music From YouTube: Muziic

So you want completely free music? From the latest artists, bands and albums? You want a fast and reliable streaming source like YouTube? You want to be able to listen to that music on your Apple iPod,  iPhone,  iPad, Mac, Linux Machine and Microsoft Windows Computer? Well there’s a website out there called Muziic.

This service uses the YouTube API which means it imports all the music from YouTube which means it is pretty fast. You can search for any artist, band or album you fancy and when you start playing the song the video will begin playing in the side and player controls will load beneath. If you click on an album you will get a new tab open (in muziic) where it will display the songs in that album and give you the option to share that album with your friends over twitter, facebook, MySpace, Digg etc.On the left you can create playlists so you can listen to your favorite songs without interruption.

Another great feature is their desktop client which is available for Windows (for now) and has a slick black look. Functionality is the same. But since they do have the web player you don’t ever need to download anything. Just as long as you have flash you will be fine. For your portable music experience they have a iPhone app. It has all the basic functionality of the desktop and web apps and even has continuous playback.

So that’s how to get your music free fast and legally. If you have found this post helpful feel free to share with your friends because “sharing is caring”.