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    Forums 101: Being a First Class Forum User

    Forums are a great way to find answers to problems, debate different issues and topics, interact and help out other in need and just have a discussion. But when forums aren't used correctly people coming in from search engines or daily users get a little cranky (my self included). So as a way to help you or someone you know a better forum user i have made this list of 5 ways to become a first class forum user. Feel free to refer all the people you believe are not using forums correctly

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  • How to Run Mac OS X in VirtualBox on Windows

    Run Mac OS X in VirtualBox on Windows

    How to run Mac Os X inside of VirtualBox on Windows with a few easy tweaks and a simple setup.

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  • flash

    Hello HTML5

    As you know the web is a pretty dynamic place filled with plug ins such as Flash, Java and Silverlight but say good bye. Version 5 of HTML is being developed as you read and Google (the owner of YouTube) has launched their HTML5 beta program. This means that all the YouTube content is all shown in HTML5 instead of what is currently used which is Flash.

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